The Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging participants in a number of systems change initiatives in aging.

Own Your Future
Long-term care is the personal care and household help you need as you grow older or have a chronic illness or disability. Medicare and your health insurance do not pay for most long-term care.

Own Your Future is helping Minnesota prepare for the dramatic increases in the number of people who will be age 85 and older by the year 2030. Many of these individuals will need long-term care.

Own Your Future includes making Minnesotans more aware of the need to plan for their long-term care, developing more affordable and suitable insurance and financial products that can help middle income Minnesotans pay for their long-term care, and aligning incentives so that Medical Assistance is supportive of private financing of long-term care.

HCBS Partners Panel
The Home and Community-Based Services Partners Panel is a group of stakeholders in long-term support services from the perspectives of aging, disability and mental health. Members represent county government, service providers and advocates with participation of state agency leaders. The panel will support continuous improvement in the HCBS system by providing a communication link among the system’s stakeholders and supporting specific initiatives, as described in the charter.

The HCBS Partners Panel grew out of the HCBS Expert Panel, a group of experts convened from 2008 to 2010 to assist the Minnesota Department of Human Services in developing its State Long-Term Care Profile and to identify and discuss strategies for simplifying and otherwise improving Minnesota’s HCBS system.
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