About Us

About Us

In 2006, the oldest of the baby boom generation turned 60, and the age wave, sometimes called the "graying of America," took on a new meaning. The Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging (MNLCOA) was formed in 2004 to increase recognition of changing demographics.

The Council advocates for planning that embraces the strengths, talents and needs of an aging demographic and urges the public, private and non-profit sectors to build of Communities for a Lifetime. The Council is also actively engaged in health care reform in Minnesota, with a focus on support for home- and community-based services and support of caregivers.


The Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging creates communities and systems that support aging with dignity and a spirit of well-being in Minnesota.

Core Values

Meaning, choice & contribution. We believe that all people have the right to meaningful lives and to be recognized for their unique identity as they age. We will promote opportunities for people to exercise choices, to contribute to the greater society as they choose, and to live a life filled with quality experiences.

Engaged and valued assets. We believe that older adults are an asset to and an integral part of the communities in which we live. We will foster communities where older adults are connected, engaged and valued.

Dignity, autonomy & informed risk. We believe that people have the right to age with dignity and autonomy, including the right to take informed risk. We advocate for change when these rights are impinged upon.

Culturally appropriate approaches. We believe that older adults have the right to culturally appropriate community services, social connections and healthcare that fosters their ongoing physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Ensure basic human needs. We know that older adults can be vulnerable to poverty and isolation. We believe there is a societal obligation to ensure that the basic human needs of older adults are met.

Integrated systems. We believe that systems must be integrated, holistic and flexible to support the diverse, growing and changing needs of people as they age.
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